Harvey Grady wishes to share the creative Personal Self Integration process with others. This is accomplished through developing PSI Trainers who complete a personal training course and receive certification from the Center for Human Potential. CHP then refers clients to certified PSI trainers and includes them in an expanding professional education network.

We accept persons with experience in counseling and training others on a professional level into the PSI Trainer program.



Enrollment requirements:

  • Sending us a letter or email requesting enrollment, including a $50 application fee.
  • Sending a resume that shows experience in counseling and training.
  • Making a commitment to pay a total of $2,000 for the program.
  • Purchasing and studying recommended reading materials.
  • Using PSI methods with clients, recording those sessions, and receiving positive feedback and personal mentoring from Harvey for skill improvement.



The program takes as long as the trainee requires to receive certification for accomplishment of sufficient PSI knowledge and skills. Once certified, a practitioner is free to shape the PSI material into their personal format, charge professional client fees, and build a more diverse and effective practice.



The program offers successive levels of PSI knowledge and skill development:

      I.         1.Training Aid One – establishing communication between the Outer Self and Inner Selves; linking subconscious Selves with the High Self.

     II.         2.Training Aid Two – deepening rapport between Outer Self and Inner Selves; identifying types and characteristics of Inner Selves; identifying and resolving communication disturbances among Selves.

   III.         3.Training Aid Three – identifying and clearing personal illusions and glamours of Outer Self and Inner Selves.

    IV.         4.Training Aid Four – identifying and improving the self-esteem of Selves; developing improved communication skills among Selves; improving Self roles, responsibilities and competencies of Selves.

     V.         5.Training Aid Five – expanding perceptual abilities of the Outer Self through cooperation of subconscious Selves and guidance from the High Self.

    VI.         6.Training Aid Six – improving expression of talents through Self cooperation; enhancing clarity and coherence of intentions and purposes.

  VII.         7.Training Aid Seven – improving physical health, emotional expression, intuitive guidance, memory and career capabilities through Self cooperation.



These levels of training must be achieved in succession, and certification is offered for each level. PSI Trainers with higher levels of skill will receive appropriate client referrals.

Contact us for details on how to get started on this journey. 


Center for Human Potential

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